With increased competition

PE firms value-creation mindset is a strategic imperative.

The days of financial engineering to improve the perception of portfolio company performance are a distant memory, replaced with tangible operational improvement initiatives such as technology and financial transformation initiatives. A key success factor for financial technology driven transformation initiatives is a reliable, experienced technology partner, like Trajectory, to guide the ERP system implementation.

Relevant topics for Operations Team members in this white paper include:

  • Portfolio company value creation driven by technology initiatives. and tricks
  • Best time to engage technology partners during the deal life cycle
  • Specific services PE Operations Teams should seek to maximize value 
  • A case study of how a PE firm engaged with Trajectory maximize value 

A tad about Trajectory Inc:

Trajectory is a Private Equity ERP Diligence Partner. We specialize in NetSuite implementations, optimizations, integrations & rescues. Our 100% focus on NetSuite ERP allows for tailored & hassle-free service delivery and ability to engage on either side of the transaction.