Over Trajectory’s 10+ years of successfully implementing NetSuite ERP and related solution ecosystems, we have observed that how well the change management strategy has been designed and implemented highly influences ERP project success rates. This observation is what has inspired this white paper, in which we share a combination of best practice research and our practical insights about how to design and implement an effective change management approach in order to facilitate ERP implementation success.

What you will learn from this white paper:

  • The definition of change management in the context of technology transformation and what it entails
  • The outline of a successful three-phase change management process that we’ve seen work well in facilitating successful ERP implementations
  • Why change management is so important, particularly in the context of digital transformation
  • How to assess whether an organization is ready and able to undertake a major technology transformation, list some common change management goals, how to assess change readiness and how to build the right change management team
  • 5 key learnings about how to successfully lead organizations through digital transformations
  • 10 change management steps that the Trajectory team has seen work best to facilitate successful ERP implementations

A tad about Trajectory Inc:

Trajectory is a NetSuite focused technology implementation partner. We specialize in NetSuite implementations, optimizations, integrations & rescues, helping clients throughout North and South America. Our expertise in all things NetSuite and our years of implementation experience using our custom methodology allows for predictable and smooth service delivery.