The Private Equity industry is crowded, with most PE groups focusing on operational improvement using tailored tools & strategies for differentiation, but what's the one tool that's sure to boost operational improvement for both the PE firm and their portcos while offering ample flexibility for differentiation in your value proposition? 

We've gathered our insights from our 2018 Private Equity backed projects involving Enterprise Resource Planning software, to provide Operational Groups the absolute essential points on utilizing an ERP system for operational improvement. 

What the Operations Group needs to know: 

  • When the PE team should really focus on ERP
  • The list of PE operational improvement areas assisted by NetSuite features
  • Common problems for PE to avoid when implementing ERP
  • The checklist of when to identify ERP opportunity 
  • How to engage with a technology partner/integrator 

A tad about Trajectory Inc:

Trajectory is a Private Equity ERP Diligence Partner. We specialize in NetSuite implementations, optimizations, integrations & rescues. Our 100% focus on NetSuite ERP allows for tailored & hassle-free service delivery and ability to engage on either side of the transaction.