Today’s Private Equity (PE) market is highly competitive; with more firms with more cash chasing fewer targets, purchase prices are going up while expectations for exit values remain high. At the same time, PE firms need to compete for uniqueness in a crowded market.

To meet those expectations, PE and Venture Capital (VC) firms need new ways to build portco value. The savviest PE firms now focus on operational improvement initiatives like digital transformation. Their strategies often include implementing ERP technology ecosystems in their portcos. PE firms that select the right ERP technology and follow a robust implementation process create more potential value.

What exactly is an ERP ecosystem, how can be implemented efficiently and effectively, how can the right PE technology stack build operational value?

In this article, Trajectory President Alex Olano, VP of Business Development Marc Craver and Software Operations Executive at ST6 Partners LLC Casey Conner, share their decade-plus of ERP implementation experience to explain.

A tad about Trajectory Inc:

Trajectory is a Private Equity ERP Diligence Partner. We specialize in NetSuite implementations, optimizations, integrations & rescues. Our focus on NetSuite ERP allows for tailored & hassle-free service delivery and ability to engage before or after acquisition.